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We live in a broken world. Teens are struggling with depression, suicide, addictions, and hopelessness. 

One day, four adults sat down to dinner with hearts broken for this young generation.  What could we do to help?


The Sozo Student Center began as a “what if.”  A wandering day dream that turned into a conversation.  Then a conversation that turned into an actual plan.  If we were honest, our practical sides reminded us often that Sozo would never actually happen and that all our planning and dreaming would eventually end in disappointment.    Fortunately for us, there is a stronger force at work.  Where our own abilities would have failed long ago, we have learned to trust the One who gave us that, “what if” in the first place.


The Sozo Student Center is a place to serve the teens and young adults of our city and give them hope.  It’s a safe place for them to have fun and community and to feel loved and accepted. It’s a place where they can find people who care about them and want to help them, whatever they are going through.


We believe that the love shown to one kid can cause a ripple effect that starts in our own community, but reaches the world.  


Every penny of what we make at Squatch’s will go into helping keep the Sozo Student Center up and running, and for that, we owe you our best product and genuine thanks.


When you come here, we want you to not only enjoy your experience, but to know that you are doing something good as well.


Thank you for being here.

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